Rescuing Lives, Empowering Families

At Pregnancy Solutions, we embody the hands and feet of Jesus, extending love, compassion, and kindness to those facing unplanned pregnancies and health challenges. Since 1996, our mission has been to empower and guide families through crucial decisions, mirroring Christ’s love – offering hope and care. Your support is vital in sustaining this life-affirming work.

Transforming Lives
Our Commitment to Care

Pregnancy Solutions is dedicated to providing a spectrum of free, life-affirming services to women and families. Our offerings include:

  • Essential pregnancy and STI/STD testing
  • Limited ultrasounds
  • Options consultation
  • and community referrals

We also offer programs like:

  • “Before We Said Hello” for emotional healing
  • “Makenna’s Corner” for resources for new parents
  • “Active Parenting” courses
  • “Family Connect Nights”
  • “HIS Legacy” for fathers
  • and “Empowered Moms” mentoring offer holistic support to families.

Our Impact

At Pregnancy Solutions, our deep commitment to supporting and equipping women and families is evident in the significant and lasting impact we’ve achieved throughout the years.

Number of Free Ultrasounds & Pregnancy Tests

Minds Changed Against Abortion

Total Women Served

Families Helped


Volunteering at Pregnancy Solutions is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of women and families in need. By dedicating your time and talent, you become a part of a community that values life, offers hope, and provides compassionate support to those navigating challenging decisions. Join us in this fulfilling and impactful journey to empower and support women and families.

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